Air France Exhibition: ‹‹ France is in the air ››

  • Auditoire for Air France
  • Shanghai; New-York; Paris
  • Stage design and production follow-up – project management assistance

Conceived as an airy, poetic escapade, “France is in the air” was an exhibition turning French expertise and art of travel into a metaphor. In it, the airline presented its new cabins, long-haul services and various passenger classes.

The stage design aimed to create experiential reveries where the sky was presented as a promenade area, and visitors wandered from cloud to cloud, from real to virtual features.

The immersive decoration, like a journey through a starry sky, enhanced by a multitude of LED strips reflected in the floor and walls, eliminated all sense of gravity.

The swing – an allegory of air travel – even set the tone for the company’s advertising campaign.

  • 800 m²
  • 2014 – 15 days for each site
  • Exhibition, brand experience, interactive set-up, visitors' circuit