world innovation summit for education (wise)

  • auditoire for the qatar foundation
  • doha, qatar
  • design and production follow-up

The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) is a platform for international meetings designed to promote innovation and collaboration on behalf of education. This annual event features a plenary meeting, a gala dinner and workshops.

With this summit, the motif of the moucharabieh was revisited in graphic and spatial terms, and provided the starting point for the stage design. The geometric, clean-lined pattern was studied to create different formal languages in each of the spaces, with the creation of full and empty effects in the actual scenery or through lighting and videos.

In the forum area, the moucharabieh was revisited and modernised by means of a network system. Play on the intermingled coloured ribbon echoed the creative network concept.

The annual theme, Imagine Create Learn, set the tone for the exhibition forum. Devised as a Fab Lab, it revealed a multitude of inventive and creative areas. Each corner was unique, designed to provide tailor-made areas for work or mini-conferences with a strong identity. The materials echoed those of the workshop.

  • 4500 m²
  • 2014 – 3 days
  • event – stand