Arena Fun Xperience at Futuroscope

  • Futuroscope park
  • Poitiers
  • Stage design project management, graphics, multimedia animations

Futuroscope has always aimed to break with conventional theme park codes by mingling games with discovery. In this spirit, one of the park’s iconic buildings was chosen to house a freely-available play space for children and adults to have fun while expending energy.

The studio proposed the sport of the future as a theme, dreaming up a team of virtual figures, each with a special talent, acting as ambassador for an interactive activity. Their Mango-style identity echoes the world of videogames and encourages the youngest visitors to explore the circuit of attractions and entertainments: the Sprint express, laser circuit, interactive sports quiz and mind ball (an activity consisting of controlling a ball through thought). In this arena, the sport of the future looks fun, and no mistake!

The stage design is inspired by the ergonomics of the human body, creating clean lines where the curves and play on repetition are reminiscent of an exoskeleton.

  • 800 m²
  • 2015 – long-term
  • Exhibition, interactive set-up, theme park
  • Blue Yeti (interactive tools and graphism)