Dacia stand,
European motor shows

  • Lever de rideau agency for Renault-Dacia
  • Brussels – Frankfurt – Geneva – Paris
  • Stage design and production follow-up

Dacia takes part in Europe’s leading motor shows and conveys its brand evolution through the design of “The Playground”, a modular stand that travels easily between events

This singular automobile company is highly popular with the public and supported by a broad consumer community. Its family-oriented and appealing identity sets the tone for the stage design, which invites this community to take part in the event by means of large terraces surrounding the central stage. This standpoint as an agora breaks with conventional motor show codes, where seating is usually for VIPs only, and was acclaimed by the Stand award for its design, easy access and effective spotlight on the brand’s positioning.

The materials used are noble: light oak and wool textiles evoke the codes of a Scandinavian living roomI to highlight the welcoming “lifestyle” atmosphere typical of the brand.

  • Between 500 and 600 m²
  • Design d’espace, stand, brand experience
  • Diagonale (consulting engineers) – 4eleven (lighting designer) – Bonhomme (graphics and digital animation)