” Nice to see you again ” Plant installation

  • Grand Paris Aménagement
  • Headquaterst Grand Paris
  • Conception et réalisation d’une installation artistique et végétale

Since March 2020 and the sudden arrival of the pandemic, many companies have introduced remote working. In welcoming back their teams, the management of the Greater Paris head office wanted to send out an explicit message “Nice to see you again”, creating an atmosphere of warmth as their employees returned to the building. While they were away, nature took over completely and the entrance hall was transformed into a fertile jungle.

Several smart speakers were placed in the space to replicate bird song and produce a multi-directional and immersive sound environment.

. The living character of the plant decor required particular care for their acclimatisation in this environment. Light and hygrometry are essential for the development of plants.

  • 400m2
  • 2021
  • Design and production of an artistic and vegetal installation
  • Vallée Stoffler, Accessoirisation - Yves Nicolas, décor végétal