Visitors’ circuit for the Génissiat hydroelectric generating station

  • Compagnie Nationale du Rhône, CNR
  • Génissiat
  • Stage design project management, graphics, models, digital and audiovisual systems

The Génissiat dam hydroelectric generating station, 104 metres high, opened its monumental gates to the general public: an occasion to present this extraordinary building and provide information on the renewable energies promoted by the CNR.

A two-hour guided visit followed an immersive tour of the site, its natural environment and work units.

The educational, dramatically-staged contents were based on a narrative approach where the two forces in synergy dialogued in the first person: the tumultuous Rhône river, revealed on its journey from glacier to estuary, and Génissiat, a powerful, immobile human creation.

This lively personification of their history accompanied visitors throughout the circuit by means of various audiovisual and theatrical devices.

The architectural aspects and industrial codes of the venue were assimilated and reflected in the graphic conception of the design and furnishings, which featured tables in the form of alternators with light shining from their centres, symbolising the creation of energy.

  • 700 m²
  • 2017 – long-term
  • Exhibition – interpreting centre – visitors' circuit– interactive set-up
  • Atelier 127 (architect) – blue yeti (multimedia content) – isegoria (audiovisual production) – warm grey (graphics)