Citroën world convention

  • Double 2 for Citroën
  • Geneva
  • Design and production follow-up

The Citroën world convention brings together team members and employees in Geneva. This professional day is an event for presenting the brand’s new models, organised around a major plenary session and an exhibition space.

Here, the stage design of the plenary meeting room was laid out along a circular route where the cars filed past: star-shaped paths unfolded on huge padded screens, and the circuit ended on the central stage.

A large backlit cloud overlooked the parade of automobiles. This dramatic, pop gesture created a sense of gentle optimism: its vibrant aesthetics, conveyed by palpitating colour variations, reflected the tone of the brand.

Visitors were thus immersed in a 360° environment: a sensorial setting for a feel-good philosophy.

The same approach underlay the exhibition of offbeat, colourful automobile portraits and the welcoming, friendly lunch.



  • 6 000 m²
  • 2016 – temporary
  • Event, brand experience